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When asked to give a presentation, quite often, you ask yourself the question ‘where do I start?'

All presentations need to start with the audience.

Who are they?
What are they expecting?
How are they likely to react?
What do they know already about your subject?
What do you want them to do, think or feel as a result of your presentation?

You can’t just assume that your audience will listen because you are speaking.
You must work hard at engaging your audience.
Catherine can help you to tailor your presentation to your target audience.

The next step to preparing a presentation is gathering and structuring your content.

You must entice your audience with your content. Tell them an interesting story with a beginning, middle and end. Have a logical link between one point and another, with plenty of relevant facts, figures, examples and analogies. Don’t overdo the content, or the visual aids. Have you heard of death by PowerPoint? Leave the audience wanting more.

Catherine can help you to write the content of your presentation.

Did you know that the delivery of your presentation accounts for over 90% of the impact

Does your body language have a positive or negative effect on your presentation?
Do you have any distracting mannerisms?
Do you connect with your audience by using good eye contact?
Do you project your voice well enough?
Do you pause for effect?
Do you vary the pitch, pace and emphasis of your voice or do you speak in a monotone?

Seeing is believing, so why not book presentation training or coaching with Catherine, and get some invaluable professional experience and video feedback?